The workshop

Outside the window

The Workshop is perched on the edge of the steep, wooded Churnet valley in the Staffordshire Peak District. We are surrounded by trees and nature. Birds are all round us, from garden favourites to wheeling buzzards and hooting tawny owls.

The studio comprises a delicious mix of stacks of fabric, jars of ribbons, baskets jammed with paintbrushes and tubes of paints, baskets overflowing with yarn and wool roving, and boxes stuffed with little treasures.   

Make your own!

The travelling studio comes to you with taster sessions, half day and full day courses in Staffordshire and Derbyshire! I specialise in hand painted decorations, peg dolls, garlands and wreaths and wooden figures. The workshops are great for groups of individuals as well as families and hen parties.

Little Brown Dog - peg doll

Make your own peg dolls

Make your own painted decorations

Rag wreath workshop

Little Brown Dog Workshop - family figures

Family portraits workshops

Little Brown Dog

Seasonal peg dolls

Little Brown Dog

Make a bead bracelet 

Little Brown Dog - garlands

Garlands and bunting workshop

Little Brown Dog

Make your own wooden toys

Handmade here

All the hand crafted items sold by the Little Brown Dog Workshop are individually made right here at the studio. You can also find plenty of peg doll supplies and kits so you can have fun making your own!

I do a lot of sanding, painting, sewing and beading in a space overflowing with fabric, beads, ribbon, threads, pegs, wood and bits of stuff. But as many of the folk art-inspired products are rather tiny, even small pieces of stuff come in pretty handy.  Most things I make include painting, wood, fabric and embellishment, using a mixture of upcycled, new and vintage materials. 

An unstoppable flow of decorations, mixed media pieces and tiny people are handmade here with the greatest care. Inspired by nature, stories, illustration and the inability to lose a child-like hope that communities of tiny creatures might exist in the undergrowth, the workshop suits its space in the woodland very well.