Which shapes are OK for making toys?

It is difficult to give an answer to this because it depends entirely on the type of toy you are making and shapes can be incorporated in so many ways, in toys that range in use, intention and complexity.

A simple chunky shape might be suitable for making a toy for children of almost any age, but it would not remain suitable if you covered it with an inappropriate finish or tied it to a long cord.

Small shapes might be unsuitable for children under 3 but might be appropriate for crafting or in a counting and sorting set for an older child.

Peg doll people shapes are not suitable for making CE marked toys unless they are 6.4cm tall or more. There is more information about craft shapes here.

We have had some of the simplest shapes EN71 certified so that you know they are suitable for toy making for a wide age range and we’ll continue to add more information where we can. Having taken the advice of our testing laboratory, we are adding a comment to say the shape is ‘suitable for craft use only’ if we know it is unlikely to be suitable for making toys.