Privacy and Cookies

This page explains what information is collected when you visit the website, sign up for our newsletter, register on the website or make an order or purchase, and what we do with it. 



We use cookies so that it is easier for you to navigate and browse the website, and so that we can find out how well the pages on our website appeal to people who visit us.

Cookies work with anonymous data - they don't collect or store personal Information like your financial details, or name or address. No cookies are associated with the bits of the site where we collect Personal Information, such as ordering.  The 'Create' system that our website is based on does not need to use cookies to track what is in your shopping basket.


  • Essential Website / Session Cookies - These are strictly necessary cookies that help the Little Brown Dog website your site to function as intended so we can run the online shop
  • Analytical / Performance Cookies - These enable the web system I use, which is called 'Create', to monitor the performance of the website site (page loading speeds, etc) to ensure that everything is functioning correctly
  • Functionality Cookies - These cookies remember choices you make, for instance they remember your details if you set up an account with the Little Brown Dog Workshop, so you can log in faster next time you visit.


Signing up for our newsletter

We use a system called Mail Chimp to send newsletters to people who have subscribed to the Little Brown Dog Workshop's mailing list. The only information we ask for when you sign up is your first name (so we can be polite and call you by it!) and your email address (so we can email the newsletter to you).  

This information is automatically added to the Little Brown Dog Workshop's database on Mail Chimp, where it is securely stored and can only be used by the Workshop. 

If you sign up for our newsletter at a craft fair, or by phoning or emailing us, we trot over to Mail Chimp and add your first name and email address to the same database.


Unsubscribing from the newsletter

If you click on the unsubscribe link on one of our newsletters, you are automatically taken off the Little Brown Dog Workshop's database on Mail Chimp. If you ask us to unsubscribe you by phone or email, we will log in to our secure Mail Chimp account and remove your details.  


Orders and setting up an account

If you order something from the Little Brown Dog Workshop we need to know details like payment details and your name and address, so that we can process your payment and send your order to you, or to another address. Information is stored if you set up an account and make a purchase, but your payment information is not stored after a single transaction is finalised unless you opt to have it retained on the system.


Personalised orders

For personalised orders, we keep the same information as above.  We also need some more descriptive information about you, for example we'd need to know what you look like and what you will be wearing if you are ordering a customised cake topper. This can include photos of you. We keep this information private and don't share it with anyone, unless you have specifically agreed to allow us to make part of it available, for instance to show how the design sketch for a cake topper compares with the finished item.

We show photos of finished peg dolls and figures on the Little Brown Dog Workshop website, social sites and blog, as well as in portfolio and advertising materials, to show what products we make.

Occasionally this could mean that some personalised information about you could show on a photo, for instance if you have asked to have your first names and a wedding date on a stand, this will appear in the photo.  If you don't want this information to be visible we can digitally erase it from the photo, and we will ask you about this when you make your order.


The last bit

This policy only applies to our site. If you leave our site via a link or otherwise, you will be subject to the policy of that website provider. We have no control over that policy or the terms of the external website.