Why are some parts not suitable for under threes?

Some products are not suitable for children from 0-36 months because they are small parts that could present a choking hazard.

Why aren't your unpainted shapes CE marked? 

Little Brown Dog Workshop sells unpainted wooden peg dolls and shapes as craft parts and not as toys. For the shapes to become toys they need to be decorated and finished, and it is this completed toy that needs to demonstrate compliance and be CE marked. Read more...

Why aren't your wedding figures and portraits CE marked? 

The wedding figures and family portraits are one-off, custom-made, folk art artworks made for celebrations and special occasions. They are keepsakes and not toys, so they are not CE marked.

Why are the 6cm rounded body dolls not suitable for children 0-36 months? 

As far as we know these shapes are the same as those used by some fairly major makers of simple, imaginative play toys for youngsters and they say for ages 1+.  But at the Little Brown Dog Workshop we think they are not suitable and here's why. Read more.... (It's a long section, but important!)