Why aren’t your shapes CE marked?

Little Brown Dog Workshop sells unfinished craft shapes which are art and craft materials rather than toys, as they can be used for all sorts of purposes. Click here for more information.


Why are there warnings on some products?

Our products are not considered hazardous in normal use by adults, but some of them might pose a risk if used by children. We tell you if we anticipate any risks and show an appropriate warning. Examples of this might be where there are small parts or small ball shapes that could present a choking hazard or obstruct a young child's airway; sharp points (for instance pipe cleaners) or a decorative finish (the glazed cotton mushroom shapes).


Which shapes are OK for making toys?

It is difficult to give an answer to this because it depends entirely on the type of toy you are making and shapes can be incorporated in so many ways, in toys that range in complexity. Click here for more information.


Why are some shapes ‘suitable for craft use only’?

In a recent chat with one of the testing labs they indicated that they would not* EN71 certify peg dolls figures that are under 6.4 cm.  If you are not familiar with it, EN71 testing is part of toy safety compliance testing with a view to CE marking the peg dolls and selling them as toys. Click here for more information.

The shapes marked ‘only suitable for craft use’ are fine as craft parts, and for uses that are exempt from the Toy Safety Regulations such as making framed keepsakes or for home use where you can be certain they won’t be accessible to young children. 


Painting wooden shapes and figures with or for children

Artists-grade paints are often not suitable for children to use or paint toys with because of the pigment density and minerals used. You should look for paints that are child safe - that's not quite as obvious as it sounds, as you're just as likely to find them in the room paints at a DIY store as in a paint box (look for things that are toy safe or EN71-3:2019 certified) Click here for more information.


Can you give me advice about making toys? 

We can't advise but here are some pointers and links to help you Click here for more information.


Can you make me a ....?

I'm sorry but we don't make shapes here. We source our craft components from a carefully selected list of suppliers, commission some exclusive shapes (those are made for us in very large numbers) and make amendments to some existing shapes.  I'm afraid we don't make custom shapes or custom amendments, but if you are looking for something that you can't see on the website, please drop us a line. It may be something we already have tucked away somewhere and havent had time to list on the website, or if we think it will complement our current range we might be able to start stocking the shape (although this can take time to research) for you There's more information here.