CE marking 1 - unpainted wooden shapes

Why aren't your unpainted shapes CE marked?

Little Brown Dog Workshop sells unpainted wooden peg dolls and shapes as craft parts and not as toys. For the shapes to become toys they need to be decorated and finished, and it is this completed toy that needs to demonstrate compliance and be CE marked. 

As lots of customers want to use wooden parts to make toys, we are adding extra information to help you choose the product that is right for you. That will soon include a range of products that have been tested according to EN71 toy safety standards. 

You can be sure our parts that are EN71 compliant are suitable for making toys, but that doesn't automatically make them a finished toy or mean they are eligible for CE marking. What they are decorated, dressed, painted and sealed with is just as important and the maker of the finished toy needs to demonstrate that all these elements comply. There's a detailed process of testing, reporting, demonstrating conformity and marking to be dealt with before that completed item can be called a toy.

EN71 compliance testing is expensive, and so we're not testing all our parts. If there's no test, it doesn't mean the part is not suitable for toy makers, it just means we haven't done the first stage of testing for you.