Can you make me a ........?

The Little Brown Dog Workshop sources and commissions beautiful, solid wooden shapes for crafters, artists and toymakers.  We love natural materials and finding gorgeous, high quality shapes with a traceable, ethical supply chain is very important to us.

We source from a number of manufacturers and suppliers, mainly in Europe and North America. In some cases we have shapes manfactured especially for us, which means we can specify extra things such as FSC certified timber. We don't make shapes ourselves, although we do amend some components a bit (for instance drilling holes or to make a neck on a laundry peg so it can accept a head bead).

Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to make custom figures or make custom amendments to shapes.

Although we continue to search for a UK manufacturer with hope, we haven't pinned down the right combination of price / quality / materials in the UK yet.  

We find that most makers who offer unique shapes either make their own and paint and sell them direct,  or find a a hobby wood turner to make shapes for them in modest numbers. Ordering small quantities can make individual items relatively expensive as each one is handmade.

As the quantities increase, shapes are made by professional wood turners and big production facilities. For custom items, minimum order quantities are often thousands at a time and we have to be confident that we will sell the shape in the thousands to make it viable, as well as investing in cutters for which can cost hundreds of pounds.