About the Workshop

The Workshop is perched on the edge of the steep, wooded Churnet valley in the Staffordshire Moorlands, near the Peak District. We have an old home; chaotic, mid-renovation and embarrasingly eccentric. We don't have plaster on many walls yet, the vegetable garden is more organised than the house and in spite of our rescue greyhound, wild rabbits doze on the lawn amongst the dasies.

We are surrounded by trees and nature and I think I may be part vegetation at heart. There's a lot of wildlife. The garden is full of birds, from the tiniest goldcrests to wheeling buzzards and tawny owls. Something's digging up the bark near the shed at night and there are newts and dragonflies in the pond.  I am inspired by nature and the inability to lose a child-like hope that communities of tiny magical creatures might exist in the undergrowth, 

The studio has stacks of books, jars of ribbons, pots jammed with paintbrushes, boxes full of paints, papers and tins stuffed with little treasures.  There are wood parts everywhere. I paint, draw and make in the middle of it while the dog lounges about on his ridiciulously large bed.  Until recently I spent much of the year painting custom wedding commissions and family portraits. It's been an honour to be involved in so many special days but things have changed a wee bit recently and there are some new adventures to go on. 

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x Susan